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We are RVCOOL and we build the toughest cooling units in the industry, and we offer several things none of our competitors can.... Both our brand new cooling units and our remanufactured units feature our amazing Bullet-Proof Boiler™ technology. Our boilers are built with heavy wall, seamless tubing, and our innovative design allows our boilers to out perform and out last any of our competitors units.

All of our cooling units are hand-welded by highly skilled tradesman using an oxy-fuel welding process that is far superior to the mig welding process used by the oem and our competitors.

Our polyurethane evaporator foam packs are made in highly precise molds to ensure easy installation in the refrigerator cabinet.




If you are having trouble with your Dometic or Norcold rv refrigerator then you are at the right website. We specialize in the cooling units that power the rv refrigerator. The cooling unit is the set of metal coils that are attached to the back of your refrigerator.   The three most common signs that indicate a  bad cooling unit are:

  1. A strong ammonia smell inside the box,  this would indicate a leak in the evaporator section.  If the unit has leaked for an extended amount of time the ammonia smell may no longer be present but you will probably hear a gurgling sound coming from the back of your refrigerator a few minutes after you turn it on. 

  2. If the controls are working and the cooling unit is heating up in the back but there is no cooling taking place inside the box this could be a sign of a blockage in the boiler section. Click here for an excellent article about boiler failures

  3. Another thing to look for, if you unit is not cooling but you don't smell ammonia inside the box, look for a yellow powder around or just above the burner located at the back of the unit. This would indicate a leak in the boiler section. Since this leak is outside the box you would rarely smell it inside.  I see these boiler leaks more frequently in the newer Norcold and Dometic cooling units.

 The three example above should help you identify your cooling unit problem.  If you feel you have a different problem with your refrigerator or need further advice on troubleshooting  your problem, call me at the above number or email me wick@rvcool.com 

When you place and order for a  cooling unit I will  send you a cooling unit from my stock. Once you have changed the cooling units you call me (toll free) so I can arrange for UPS to pick up the old unit and return it to me. See the "Core Return" link for more info on our core return policy.



Retail Customers: 

As a retail customer you have the ability to buy directly from the cooling unit builder and have your replacement cooling unit shipped directly to you via UPS or FedEx.  

If you are in driving distance of our shop in Greenbrier, Arkansas you may bring your RV Refrigerator to our shop and we will install your  cooling unit for you.

  • If the refrigerator is already out of the camper we charge a flat rate of $75 labor to change the cooling unit. (in addition to the cost of the cooling unit)

  •  If you bring the camper we charge a flat rate of $175 labor to pull the refrigerator, change the cooling unit,  and reinstall the refrigerator.  (in addition to the cost of the cooling unit)

  • These installation prices are good for regular size 2 door rv refrigerators and does not include the side-by-side models. The labor to install a cooling unit in a side-by-side rv refrigerator will be higher.

The most common question I am asked by people that visit my website is "how difficult is it to change the cooling unit in my rv refrigerator" and "is this something I can do myself." Well, changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator. Most people with average mechanical ability and a basic set of hand tools can change the cooling unit in there refrigerator in a few hours.  I also have a list of installation instructions for the most common rv refrigerators on my link called "Installation Instructions", find your model number  and read through the instruction to become familiar with the steps involved in changing the cooling unit.





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